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French Students Honored

Below are the recipients of awards from the French contest:
Intermediate French 
Certificate of Honor
Lexi Nissinoff
Alexa Herbst
Keira Mooar
Brooke Berliner
Ishana Patel
Sydney Zipp
Advanced French
Silver medal  
Jonah Brustein
Reilly Moini
Bronze medal
Jonathan Stubbs
Honor Certificate
Olivia Piro
Ava Ansell
French III Honors
Bronze medal
Lewis Forrest
Certificate of Honor
Micah Seiler
French IV honors
Certificate of Honor
Brandon Stobie
French V honors
Certificate of honor
Cynthia Clark

5th grade 
FLES 2A Catherine (Katya) Grinb 32.7 7 90th Silver
FLES 2A Jackson Olmstead 28 11 85th Silver
FLES 2A Amelia Rudin 30.8 9 90th Silver
FLES 2A Michael Schwartz 32.1 7 90th Silver
FLES 2A sam/mrribbit shinder 26 13 80th Bronze
FLES 2A Charlie Slavin 22 17 70th Mention honorable
FLES 2A Nicholas Uzzi 35.1 4 95th Gold
6th grade 
FLES 2B Eyan Antoine 38 11 65th Mention honorable
FLES 2B Hannah Brenman 38 11 65th Mention honorable
FLES 2B Noah canfield 37.46 12 65th Mention honorable
FLES 2B Ava Costa 50.9 4 90th Silver
FLES 2B Gianna Eliseo 45.8 6 85th Silver
FLES 2B Charlie Guzman 39 11 65th Mention honorable
FLES 2B Timothy (Timmy) Kram 35.46 14 55th Mention honorable
FLES 2B Julie Polowczyk 48.2 5 85th Silver
FLES 2B Jack Slavin 47.6 5 85th Silver
FLES 2B Stefania Wishney 51.1 3 95th Gold

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