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Middle School Students Participate in ADL Leadership Training

On Tuesday, December 5, 16 Middle School students completed peer-to-peer leadership training with the ADL. The World of Difference Peer Lead training aims to provide students with the knowledge, motivation, and ability to effectively promote positive, welcoming, and inclusive school environments by encouraging respectful peer treatment and the acceptance of various races, religions, ethnicities, etc.

The training provides a forum to explore the acceptance of similarities and differences, and also teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills allowing students to set an example for others by eliminating bias and discrimination. The interactive training also provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills through social action activities and anti-bias projects in their schools

“Students displayed maturity, insight, and a genuine interest in the program,” said Head of Middle School David Ketcham.  

“I found the training to be very interesting and liked how interactive it was,” said participant Jackson Olmstead ‘29. “I can honestly say that I walked away with confidence in knowing how I can help others address sensitive issues. I know if I was having issues at school I may find it helpful to talk to a peer rather than a parent or teacher so I think it’s a great program that I am proud to participate in.”

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