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Justin Atnes '24 Wins ESU Shakespeare Competition

Congratulations to Justin Atnes '24 for his remarkable achievement in winning the ESU Shakespeare competition at Ranney School! Out of 10 talented contestants from grades 10-12, Justin stood out with his exceptional performance of Trinculo's monologue from The Tempest. "It's no small feat to excel in such a prestigious competition," said Ranney Theater Director Ms. Kathryn Maslak.

The ESU National Shakespeare Competition provides a platform for students like Justin to hone essential skills such as critical thinking, close reading, and public speaking. Through engaging with Shakespeare's timeless works, participants traverse through various levels of cognitive learning, boosting their confidence and analytical abilities.

"Justin's dedication to preparing and rehearsing his Shakespeare monologue undoubtedly paid off, showcasing his commitment to excellence and the arts," said Maslak. This competition not only fosters a deeper understanding of Shakespeare's work but also promotes experiential and cross-curricular learning, aligning with modern educational practices.

As Justin joins the ranks of past winners who have graced this esteemed competition, he embodies the spirit of achievement and scholarship. 

"Congratulations once again, Justin, on this well-deserved victory," said Maslak. "Your talent and hard work are truly commendable, and we are proud to celebrate your achievement."

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