How Ranney's "ABCD's" Prepared Me...

"Dear Mr. Piccirillo, I finished my first week of business calc! I wanted to let you know that I taught my entire floor of 20 girls and the hall next to us how do to rocking horse. They were all blown away at how easy it made things.... Thanks for helping make a scary college calculus class a little easier!" 

Ariella Silverstein, Class of 2016, Lehigh University

"Dear Mr. Felter, I'm writing to express my gratitude for the writing skills that you taught me.... I wrote my first college paper last week on World War I poetry, and to do it, I pulled out the old poetry terms packet from AP Lit. I am proud to be the only one in my class to successfully determine meter and rhyme. This is, of course, thanks to you."

T.J. Spicer, Class of 2016, University of Richmond 

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An Overview of Ranney Academics

Among private independent schools in Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas, Ranney School in Tinton Falls stands out. If there is any one feature that defines a Ranney education, it is the school’s incomparable academic program. From Early Childhood and Lower School through Middle and Upper School, academics is the continuing thread that connects the years, encompassing innovation, creativity, knowledge and a love for learning. Supported by an extraordinary and gifted faculty, students of all ages learn to excel academically by accessing the latest educational tools and technologies that enhance and reinforce classroom teaching.
Both intracurricular and extracurricular activities allow students to experience classroom lessons with hands-on, interactive experiences. Ranney’s Advisory Program builds meaningful student-teacher relationships, providing the guidance and mentorship that help students explore all of their interests and ambitions, achieve proficiency in all subjects, build character/empathy, and develop the strong friendships so characteristic of the Ranney community. And when the time comes, with the support and expertise of the College Counseling Office staff, students are more than ready to meet the challenges of college life and beyond. Our students mature with character, confidence, and courage; 100% of our graduates go on to attend four-year schools, including some of the most selective colleges and military academies in the nation, as well as prominent international universities.
Finding the right fit for your child and your family among private schools in Monmouth and around Ocean County, NJ is simple because of our distinct and formidable techniques. Each of the Ranney School divisions—Lower, Middle, and Upper School—has grounded teaching principles that have been developed and enhanced to meet each year’s new challenges and opportunities since the school’s foundation in 1960. These principles have been shaped and enhanced year after year in coordination with the Head of School, LowerMiddle, and Upper Heads of School, the Board of Trusteesfaculty and administrators, parents, and the overarching Ranney community to meet Ranney’s mission and core values.

Our school has more than 90 full-time teachers, of which 66% have advanced degrees and 40% have been at Ranney for 10 or more years.
The Lower, Middle and Upper School pages herein provide a look inside our educational philosophy, curriculum and student life. Learn more and visit us today!

Coming in 2017-18

In January 2017, Ranney School announced the hire of Dr. Gregory Martin as new Upper School Head and Assistant Head of School for Academics, beginning July 1, 2017. The hire aligns with the school’s strategic academic initiatives to grow its innovative programs in Global Studies, STEAM, and more. Initiatives include expanded course offerings in these three areas through experiential learning opportunities and an online consortium that will allow students to pursue specialized subjects while still being advised by Ranney’s expert faculty members (more than 65% have advanced degrees). The Class of 2019 will be able to earn specialized diplomas in Global Studies and STEAM. In addition, the school is launching a ninth-grade Physics First track, aimed at enhancing students’ scientific literacy before they move into Biology and Chemistry, and building a Humanities Block that allows for writing-intensive, cross-disciplinary instruction in Middle School Literature and Social Studies. Read more about Dr. Martin, including a Q&A with him, as well as the school's academic initiatives.

The Independent School Experience

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Beyond 21st Century Skills: What New Teaching Approaches Mean for Students

Ranney School's expert faculty contributed to a special series in the Two River Times newspaper's Education section througout the spring of 2017. Read the series here:
"Our time with our students does not end when the bell rings. We try to meet the needs of each student because each student learns and processes in a different way."

- Judy Salisbury

Lower School Science Teacher

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Our mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society. Learn more.